Published Textbook

Math for Carpentry and Construction

Math for Carpentry and Construction has been developed to be the bridge that connects the abstract principles taught in academic math to the real world problems a carpenter must solve in the construction trades.  With so much time and emphasis being placed today on standardized testing in education, this book has been developed as a tool to help the carpentry student become proficient in accurately performing both trade related mathematical problems in the classroom and in the field.


Based on my observation and experience, academic mathematic instruction has been driven by a culture of standardized testing.  Because of this, students are not always learning the concepts necessary to be successful in a trade career, but specifically the ones necessary to pass the standardized test.  Often while teaching a concept the students have already covered in math class, I can see that moment when everything “now makes sense” because I have shown them how to apply it in a trade application.

Mathematics in Carpentry and Construction has been developed first and foremost with the purpose of teaching students the skills necessary and to make those connections so they will be proficient in the construction trades.  This ensures that the student will be prepared for national and trade certification exams and a successful career in the construction trades.

All the problems in Mathematics in Carpentry and Construction can be performed by the student with the use of a calculator.  Because it is my belief that every student should know how to work the problem without a calculator, every concept has been explained step by step so the student can learn the concepts and process to complete any problem they will face in the field.   A calculator will give them the right answer, but they will not develop an understanding of how the answer was achieved.  This will not help them the day they need to perform the math and do not have an electronic device.

Mathematics in Carpentry and Construction is the best tool on the market today to learn construction math concepts.  It covers every mathematic principle in a logical applied manner so that every construction trades student can be mathematically proficient in their career in carpentry and construction.

Math for Carpentry and Construction will be available in January 2018 through Goodheart-Willcox Publisher.