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Education Writing
Users Manual Guides 4 Learning
Learning Guide
Lesson Plan
Construction Cluster
Student Handbook
Senior Class Syllabus
AM Cleanup Chart
Roofing Codes
Careers in Carpentry
– Power Point
Research Report
Estimating Wall Framing

Graduation Project Guidelines 2012-2013
Competency Checkoff List

Tornado Relief – Power Point
Cover Letter
– Format A
Resume – Format B

Technical Writing 
Choosing the Best Insulation for Your Home Ezine Articles
How to Layout a Square Without a Transit Articles Base

Congress, the Emperor and His Throne – The Liberty Voice
How to Relax, Reflect, and Refocus Your Life in a Kayak – Articles Base

Cell Phones in Public Schools: A Tool or a Distraction?
Education 101 – Train a Child in the Way He Should Go
Reflections of a Cranky Old Teacher
Seen any Purple Penguins at School Lately?

An Evening with Charles Krauthammer
Where’s All That Worrying Getting You?

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Resilience to Overcome Adversity
Racial Culture in America, Past & Present
The War on Christmas
What are Your Plans for Thanksgiving?
Thanks to My Fellow Vets
He Will Return as Promised
Harvest Time
Are You Thankful in all Circumstances?
He is the Light of the World
Is Your Life an Active Work Zone?
God Speaks to Us Through His Word
Where Does Your Power Come From?
Have You Scaled Any Mountains Lately?
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