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304240-20150412As a vocational education teacher in secondary education, I have seen my share of changes in educational system over the last 20 years. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) and today’s Standardized testing practices have changed the way we approach education.  Planning and delivery systems have changed to ensure that instructional design includes the required standards and that students are achieving proficiency in them.

As a secondary vocational teacher, I have written curriculum with standards and anchors, developed task lists, and learning guides.  I am skilled in classroom management and have developed a variety of manuals, handbooks, and resources customized to fit my program and document student learning. I am also experienced in developing power point presentations, producing content for brochures, newsletters, reports, and blogging.

My work history has spanned the construction trades and secondary vocational education.  These work experiences have provided me with many opportunities to write technical procedures, safety and instruction manuals, and user guides.

Let me produce the materials your school or classroom needs to help students reach their full potential and be successful.

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